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The Workplace is Changing & so is the Future of Work

How Work Will Change In The Future

  • Workplace Structures
    Forget the rigid corporate ladder – now the corporate lattice allows free-flowing ideas and career paths. Individuals will have the freedom to pitch to the CEO without going through layers of management
  • Artificial Intelligence
    The robots are coming and they could sound the death knell for millions of jobs. At the same time, optimists argue that by absorbing the routine aspects of our jobs, machines are freeing us up for more creative activities
  • The Human Cloud
    A vast global pool of freelancers who are available to work on demand from remote locations on a mind-boggling array of tasks – is really set to shake up the world of work.
  • The End of Retirement
    We are approaching the end of retirement or at least entering a period in which older workers will stop working gradually rather than abruptly upon reaching retirement age

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The world is less predictable than it was in the industrial age, so you stay relevant by acquiring a portfolio of transferable skills.
Cathy Benko
Vice-chairman of Deloitte in San Francisco.

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